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Your Electric Meter

WCEC has meters in parts of 4 counties consisting of Wharton, Jackson, Colorado and Matagorda.  WCEC is a rural distribution coop which as of 2016 serves 6203 locations with a majority of these being in the rural setting.

Electric meters accumulate Kwh usage when electricity is passed through the electric meter.  This Kwh usage is what is used to compute your monthly electricity bill.  The numbers on the meter are representative of the total Kwh that meter has accumulated since the meter was put in service provided it did not reach 99999 and start over from 0.

WCEC automatically reads most single-phase meters on a daily basis in order to accumulate near real-time information.  Even though these meters are read automatically, we still require access to any of the WCEC meters and equipment.  If you have any locked gates, mean animals, etc. please make this known to WCEC personnel so that precautions can be made to gain access in a safe manner.

Meter Testing

All of the meters at WCEC are tested prior to installation and must meet industry standards of accuracy.  You may request a test of your electric meter if you believe that the meter may be inaccurate.  Charges may apply if the meter was tested in a given timeframe according to the WCEC Tariff.  See the 'Rates' in the For My Home' or 'For My Business' sections in the left navigation.

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